Cocktail Classes

Our fully interactive Cocktail classes teach you to muddle, shake and stir some of your favorite cocktails, all under the watchful eye of our expert bartenders.


Whether your a group of friends looking to try something new, celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or to bring something extra to your team building/corporate event... let us share our skills with you!



Choose which format would work best for your event

Cocktail Gathering

Our highly skilled, award winning, bartenders will guide you through the rich history of spirits and cocktails for your chosen length of time.

We'll give each of your guests your chosen number of cocktails, whilst demonstrating:

  • Cocktail techniques

  • Trade secrets on how to make cocktails at home.

  • Tips for perfect presentation

  • Educating on how spirits are made and how to mix them

  • How to order a cocktail like a pro with your new skills

Cocktail Masterclass

We'll provide you with one of our expert cocktail bartenders, along with all of the equipment, ingredients and spirits you will need.

Make your personal selections of craft cocktails during the Masterclass.

We'll guide you through the art of making delicious Cocktails, before you try your hand at giving things a shake. 

Keep the fun going: Arrange for our bartender to stay after the class, to serve drinks

Shake Things Up


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