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Q: Does Blind Pig Cocktail Co. provide the alcohol for events? 
A: We work closely with all wholesalers on the island, and can provide you with an extensive list of beers, wines and spirits. This ensures our customers get the lowest price and the greatest selection available, as well as taking the hassle of a pre-event shopping list out of the equation. 

Q: Where can Bling Pig Cocktail Co. operate? 
A: We've hosted events all over the island, from back gardens to boats, homes to hotels, offices to outdoor spaces.

Q: Our event venue already has a bar, but we’d love to have Bling Pig Cocktail Co. cater our beverage service. Is that possible? 
A: Definitely. We can bring elevated cocktail service to any venue. Each venue is different, so contact us directly to discuss any nuances yours may have.

Q: Not everyone in our party drinks Alcohols. Do you offer non-alcoholic cocktails?
A: Of course. Virgin versions of our specialty cocktails are available in most cases, we're always happy to whip up some bespoke non-alcoholic drinks. We also offer Smoothie & Juice bar hire options, for those abstaining.

Q: Some of my friends only drink Gin & Tonics or Dark & Stormies. Do you provide simple mixers in addition to the specialty cocktails?
A: Yep. We offer sparkling waters, tonics and sodas as a back up plan for all those die hard G&T drinkers.

Q: Our favorite bar serves “_______” and we want to feature it at our event. Can you recreate our favorite libations? 
A: Bring it on. We love a challenge. 

Q: Are your staff professional bartenders?
A: All of our service staff are CADA program certified, for responsible service of alcohol. They've also undergone extensive training and are held to our highest standards of service and integrity.

Q: What if our event runs longer than planned?

A: When people are having a great time, it happens. We will close the bar at the agreed time, unless you have come to speak with us at least 30 minutes before hand to discuss extending the services.

Q: How will you bill me?

A: We will send out an itemised invoice after the event, with a full breakdown of all the costs. We except payment via bank transfer or cash.

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