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We make brand activation easy; our highly skilled bartenders and award winning creativity ensures that your brand, company or product is presented in style.

From edible ink logos printed on top of your guests' drinks, to fully customised menus showcasing specific products and themes, we help to create solutions to support your marketing and enhance perception of your brand.

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What We Can Do

With the impact of COVID, many brands and distributors alike have had to adapt and streamline operations. 
The Blind Pig Cocktail Co. is able to help!

We can fill the role of your Brand Ambassador/Brand Rep, carrying out the duties such as training and educating the island hospitality staff, design menus to feature your product and work with business owners to get your product behind their bar.

All without the hassle of having to hire a full-time member of staff, with all the associated costs that come with it.

Contact us to find out more.


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